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Welcome ladies! Here is a place to share our most beloved recipes…everyday staples that get us through the week, time-consuming blockbusters when we want to awe with our cookerly prowess, nourishing adult beverages to ease us into evening.

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Halloween Brunch Revisited
I came across Amanda's legendary Halloween Brunch from a few years ago. Hmm! That was fun and comforting….

Pumpkin Pie for Halloween
What better way to celebrate Halloween than baking a pumpkin pie? With the snow gently falling outside, the warmth of the oven and the aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger are more needed than ever. (This is not a joke.)…

New Seasonal Menu
I've added a new Seasonal Menu feature to Ladies Recipes. Now any recipe or blog post tagged with Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter will automatically appear on this menu under the appropriate category. This will make it easier to browse for recipes during your current season….

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Ladies Recipes is a recipe wiki website created to help a few friends share their favorite recipes, chat about cooking, and keep track of what they've been making.

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Making comments and suggestions on other people's recipes is welcome! However, do it in such a way that the person's original recipe is not compromised. We recommend adding a comment at the bottom of their recipe. You can also write your own variation of the recipe as a new recipe.


Tomato Soup Banner Image
We'd like to thank Sarah Walsh of the blog The District Domestic for letting us use her photograph of tomato soup. Looks delicious!

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