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Hello, dear ladies.

Amanda and Phil were here for the weekend and we made merry indeed! It was great to have guests in our new home (that we OWN!!). They were in great form - fit and happy and TAN from the beach! So much fun! I cooked up a storm - but it was an EASY storm, if you will, so I thought I'd post my menus in case anyone has folk coming over soon. This is a totally seasonable menu, too, so all of these things should be particularly good right now.

I will shortly put up the recipes so that you can crib from them as necessary. I am happy to say that all of the recipes came off beautifully and the guests (and self and husband) enjoyed all. I will also be posting some new affordable(!) Savingnon Blancs we discovered. And drank with abandon.

Note: repeating a dessert is a great idea - baking once makes it all easier. And this is proof that owning an ice cream maker is "da bomb," as Stacy would say. Also, I made one breakfast and picked up the stuff or the second - also very easy and easy on the guests. Sitting down to great trenchers of breakfasts can get exhausting to eat, let alone cook.

Dinner: Gazpacho with fresh vegetables (this is the salad!)
Sautee of shrimp, fresh corn and basil
Blackberry Pie
Cream cheese ice cream (Amanda is now obsessed with this as am I. It's insane.)

Breakfast: Cranberry Orange Scones
fresh berries, cherry preserves

Lunch: out

Dinner: Thai Red Curry of Beef & Asparagus
Asian Cucumber Ribbon Salad (now another obsession)
Short grain brown rice
Pie & ice cream

Breakfast: Locally made Breakfast Bread (made with dried fruit & nuts)
Greek yogurt (vanilla and plain)
fresh blackberries and blueberries

Anyone else have good Gusts Menus?? Do share!!


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