Already Peeled Garlic

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I love you, Garlic! But I sure hate peeling you.

And that minced garlic in the jar is a joke.

I have been questing for acceptable pre-peeled garlic. My first search at Stop for Slop yielded a towering jar of peeled garlic for $3 that went to mold quickly. My second led me to a nicely sized small container of VERY stinky garlic at Ho Fo for a reasonable price. It lasts a good while—way longer than S&S. I vote yes.

But then I chanced upon this super-genius, "Melissa" at Big Y.


It comes in a big pack that is then broken down into tiny sealed packs, each with 4 cloves. Amazing! Not as potent as Ho Fo's but will last a good while. Saw a similar version at Trader Joe's.

Give it a try. You may never buy a bulb again. Seriously.


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