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It's finally chilly down here and we've had a week of rain. Autumn! And the baby and I have little colds. Boo!

But while he has to make do with TLC and steam, Mama gets to have a Hot Toddy! I suspect most of you could use one, too - it's perfect on a cold afternoon or evening when you need to unwind and particularly when you have a sore throat.

I made adult hot toddies earlier in the week after the baby went to bed and when my cold was coming on, but then decided to add a shot of brandy to the fresh apple cider we got. Wow! It was amazing. Brian took a day off today to let me sleep late and try to shake the cold, so this afternoon I thanked him with a mug of hot cider and brandy. Everyone is happy.

So I say go get the bottle of brandy! You'll use it for toddies, holiday punch, stews, even some baking! And all winter you'll be glad you can have a little nip in your hot tea or water or cider.


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