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Anyone can go hunt out rare exotic spices on the internets and pay $$ for them (Grains of Paradise, anyone?). But happily the foodie movement has prodded grocery store mainstay McCormick Spices to produce two things seriously worth your time!

1. Smoked Paprika
2. Chipotle Chili Pepper

Ok, hopefully you already know about smoked paprika. This is AMAZING. It gives not only that deep smokey note to whatever to add it to, but also the sweet, dusky flavor that only paprika has. BUY. IT. Add just a small amount to your chilis and Mexican dishes. And wow. Beans love it.

Now the chipotle thing I've discussed elsewhere, but now you can get the powdered form, which keeps longer than the canned chilies (you need to have a few of these in your pantry anyway, chumps!). Use this as you would cayenne pepper - at the end of cooking when you're ready to add the heat. It's not quite as hot as cayenne and it, as above, adds smoke to the dish. It's really lovely.

Now add these to your regular grocery list, since I think both of these retail at $4 or less. Cheap happiness!


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