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This is in response to previous blogs by both Stacers and Claire which connected food and reading. This intimate union has been on my mind as I've been "slaving" away on my dissertation prospectus, which, as you may know, is on post-colonial lit. I've been reading so many novels that I don't even feel like I'm in grad school anymore; basically, I don't do any secondary research and as long as I read something every day I feel productive, which keeps my Catholic guilt at bay. The result is that I've become very intrigued by the food of India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and South Africa, and spend a considerable amount of time researching recipes online. I've decided that I'm going to start cooking what I read, since while I read I become insatiably hungry for whatever it is they're eating, even if it's something like Bobotie.

Thus, the new recipe: South Asian Veggie Curry. This is really a coconut curry, which is much more common in South India, and is a lot lighter than some of the northern/Punjabi cuisine you'll find in most Indian restaurants. There will be more to come. You can start worrying about me when I begin to post recipes with fish intestines.


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