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So today I opened my Google Reader, which you must never do if you subscribe to any real news sources, and I read an article on the terrible terrible job market. In despair, I began to work on something pleasant and yielding of concrete, visible results. Oh Ladies Recipes debacle! You strike again!

So there's some things you should know. Things have happened. I have done things. All the sidebar menus are now automatically updating. So you never have to manually add your newest recipe to the "Appetizers" menu, for instance. What you do have to do is tag it with a specific tag (i.e., "appetizers"). Once you do that, your recipe will automatically be listed. You can add it to as many menu categories as you want. A list of the menu tags will appear at the bottom of your recipe after you create it. You are also free to add additional tags that have nothing to do with the menus, as suits your vile purposes. These will have no effect on the menu process.

Another cool thing: I've created a similar thing for the Kitchens. Kajsa and Paula, I just went ahead and applied it to your Kitchens. You can still edit around it. Amanda and Claire: I left yours alone since your lists are very complicated. But if you want to implement them yourselves, you can find the code here. Just copy and paste. No need to tag, either. This code created lists based on recipe author. There's also one for Blog posts. If you want to see this in action, check out my kitchen.

I hope this makes things easier!


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