Crying Over Onions

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I've heard all the supposed remedies for avoiding the weepy sting of the onion. For some reason, though, I am particularly prone to excessive crying. This is especially true at my parents' house—which either means they consistently purchase stronger onions or I have some psychological issues to work out.

Here are some anti-crying strategies I've encountered:

  • Avoid cutting the bottom off until the bitter end.
  • Dispose of the peel as soon as possible.
  • But a piece of bread in your mouth while you cut (this gets really icky as the bread begins to get soggy).
  • Elaborate cutting techniques that are so intricate you'd rather just weep.

Many Internet articles have been written: Why do onions make you cry?

There are even Youtube videos!

Basically, it's a case of vegetable flatulence. When you cut the onion, it releases various gases that sting your eyes.

But here's my original contribution to this always evolving research area. I've noticed that once I start crying, things get worse and worse UNTIL I remove my glasses. It is as if the gases get trapped behind the frames and continue to torment me! It is only after I take my glasses off that things improve.

Some may point out the danger of handling sharp knives with poor eyesight. True. But how much can you see when you are crying uncontrollably??

So. If you are going to cut an onion, take your glasses off first!


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