Engagement Dinner

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We celebrated K's engagement last night by taking her out in style to a cozy but hip restaurant none of us had been to before, but which came highly recommended. After enjoying caipirinhas at the bar, we were settled in to a festive corner table with candles and flowers.

Choosing what to get proved to be the most strenuous part of the evening. The menu offered many inspirational food combinations that I can only expect will be tested out in some of our kitchens soon… My own Indian-inspired plate tasted much better than it looked and was very satisfyingly composed of the sought-after "various things." Everything was fresh and made from scratch. I could see myself pulling together some variation of A's fried polenta dish, and I'm sure A is already plotting how to assemble her warm spinach salad. I'm looking forward to sharing any recipes derived from our latest adventure!


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