Epic Cooking Fail!

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So tonight I was making the tasty and cheap tortilla de patatas (thanks, Stacy!) which I had expanded slightly and added onions to, figuring a wedge of it would make a good lunch tomorrow as well as a happy dinner tonight. And did I mention the cheap? We needz it.

All was ready and the tortilla was cooking merrily in the pan when it came time to flip it. I put a large platter over the top (I had to use my large skillet since I have only sizes "tiny" and "large"). I saw instantly that I couldn't flip it properly and so carefully took the platter off. And hit the handle of the pan, knocking the piping hot contents all over the floor. I have never done this before. Spilled stuff, sure; even critical stuff. But never all of the everything!

Mercifully, the hot eggs did not hit me nor the heavy pan crush my feet. But that was dinner, folks. All. Of. It. And I had an exhausted baby who needed to be put to bed and two starving parents.

Brian instantly ate a buffalo hot dog straight from the fridge (god help him) and took the baby to the bathtub. I cleaned up the tortilla, it's sweet aroma taunting me, and then went to go have Isaac dump water on me. Once Brian and Isaac were on the road to sleepville, I made a toasted cheese sandwich and ate it while sullenly catching up on Grey's Anatomy online.

You know, toasted cheese is pretty good. And so will be the popcorn I'm about to make. Sigh!


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