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Orangette, one of the cooking blogs I follow, recently had a post that is near to my heart - she created and posted her favorite "everyday cake" - the kind of cake you can whip up with pantry ingredients and just have a damn slice of with no fuss (no icing, no fanciness, no whirligigs). I'm putting a link to it on my Kitchen site, but here it is also.

It is fragrant, nutty and faintly spicy, thanks to some zesty grates from your new whole nutmegs! It's also entirely pantry-ready (since I hope you've been converted to unbleached flour and have ventured out to get a small bag of white whole wheat flour from King Arthur baking).

I whipped it up tonight to celebrate the general excellence of our child (yep - any flimsy excuse will do) and Brian and I tucked into two still-warm slices. Brian said: this is great! It's almost like food. I agreed since I think he meant that it is nutty and homey, and feels satisfying even though it's light with a very tender crumb (thanks to the whole milk). Try it! It will provide you with a simple, nourishing treat for a few days. And I bet it would be great with a cup of tea. And you REALLY don't need icing. You will see.

Do any of you have a good "everyday cake" that you go to? I have a chocolate one and I will post it shortly.


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