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Ok, I have several that I discovered this week, but I'll share two here:

1. The Traveler's Lunchbox.
Love. It. The current entry shows her recent miserable failure at baking after midnight, so she won my heart. I like her tone and her style and her recipes look very promising! If anyone tries any of her stuff, please post. I will do same. Who is not tempted by the Meyer Lemon Pudding??

2. Dorie Greenspan.
The issue is why did I not look at her site sooner since I know all about her and love her spots on NPR. Anyway, she's a cooking doyenne and is also a good writer, which is refreshing after reading a lot of random (but fun) blogs. She is the Real Deal. Why are we not her? Correction - why are we not striving to be her when we are excellent slightly older Ladies?

Check em out and tell me what you think! Anyone else run across fun new cooking blogs lately?


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