I made the worst biscuits

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Sunday I woke up with the urge to bake a breakfast - scones or biscuits! The issue was settled since we had buttermilk but no cream. Farewell, scones.

I made a great basic recipe - and what should have been light, high flaky biscuits were little crispy pucks!! There was great weeping and gnashing of teeth. Well, the teeth gnashing, yes.

I've concluded that I overworked the dough. I was talking to Brian and the baby and ended up blending the butter like I was making pie dough - the "cornmeal" texture, not the "rocky road" texture! Disappointment! So learn from my mistake - when making biscuits, use your fingers and really just allow there to be lots of crazy texture in there.

Brian, of course, ate them with gusto (and lots of apricot and strawberry jam!) and it's true that they were better than having no biscuits on a Sunday morning!

Anyone else have luck (or otherwise) with biscuits?


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