Mango Guacamole: The Food of the Gods

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Amanda made mango guacamole for her Lost party back in January. Unfortunately, we were hit with a blizzard that prevented me from attending. Ever since then, I have longed to eat the mango guac. At the same time, I nurtured some suspicions: mango and avocado? And really—you want me to add cilantro and lime? I'm not sure…

Fast forward. Whole Foods was having a sale on mangos and avocados. I felt the time had come. I purchased the necessary items and made up a batch today. Can I tell you something??

This is the best thing ever. In the history of ever.


I tasted the guacamole before adding the mango. It was a'ight. But when I added the mango, something magical and insane happened. It was—transformative. Every single ingredient was instantly enhanced and showed itself in new light. Lime, onion, hot pepper, cilantro… it was indescribable. I know this makes no sense, but it was like eating guacamole while drinking a juicy and refreshing mango smoothie at the same time. My throat felt like it was bathing in sweet nectar. Please, please make this.

You can get the recipe on the Epicurious site.


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