Pancakes: Part 27

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Warning: this contains some un-womanly complaining.

Because why God why teething why.

A very rough night last night for poor Mr Baby. We were all up from 3:30 to about 5am and then Brian gave up and slept on the couch and I spent the next two hours dozing next to a restless baby who whapped me in the face periodically. And guess whose turn it was to get up and let the other sleep in this morning.

So I wanted a decent breakfast to get my morning back on track! I put my son in his chair and shoveled blueberries into him (his current obsession) while I looked at the box of Bisquick again.

There are a few variations they suggest, so I thought I'd try the "melt-n-your-mouth" version since it added more baking powder and lemon juice. And a tbs of sugar. Success! They don't taste appreciably sweeter, which is fine with me, but the extra baking soda does wonders. They were incredibly light and, since I cooked them in butter per Stacy's suggestion, they were buttery and crisp. Wow. They needed hardly any embellishment, but I put some jam on them for the baby, who still has mixed feelings about "crisp" bread, and found that this was even better than syrup on such a light cake.

The boxed flavor, while still present, was less pronounced. Next time, I will keep the baking soda, etc., and add a little vanilla. And maybe use buttermilk instead of regular milk!

I feel like I've come a long way, ladies!


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