Minced Garlic: You're Amazing

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So the quest to simplify my cooking process continues. Now, I have always utterly rejected minced garlic on the grounds that it doesn't taste like garlic. That seems reasonable. But no longer content merely with the entirely amazing Melissa's peeled garlic cloves in small vacuum-sealed packs, I wondered if any improvements had been made in the minced garlic arena. Turns out—I have made a discovery!

I turned my back on the major grocery chains for the search. Instead, I made immediately for Whole Foods and was rewarded for my efforts. I searched for 20 minutes in the spice aisle, which left me ample time to meet John Hodgman and chat with his son:


Nothing. Then I asked for help and was led to the dairy cooler, where only one brand resided:

Great Garlic.

That's it. That's the name of the company. When I got home, I opened it for a sniff. With pre-minced garlic, this means everything. I was perfectly ready to accept defeat. Actually, my greatest hope was that it be just slightly less weird than most minced garlic brands. But!! Are you ready??


Really. There may never be a need to peel and chop garlic again. There. I said it.


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