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Ladies. I make the worst pancakes. Awful. Please help me if you can.

I can't blame my recipes. The flavor to the cakes is always good - that's not the problem.

So I think that the problem is either (or both) equipment and/or user error.

I use a wide non-stick skillet. Maybe it is not as "non" as it used to be. I heat it over medium heat until water droplets bounce off it (per the instructions). I then turn out cakes that are burnt AND raw. I try lower the heat. They are less burnt but still raw within. I cannot fathom it.

Can you suggest technique? Tips?

Equipment-wise, does one really need a real griddle (either stove-top or electric) for this? Maybe my pan is a problem. My child has never had pancakes (despite considerable build-up) because they turn out so terribly. even my sweet husband won't ouch them. I usually gnaw the edges in self-loathing. Help!


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