Patty Pan Squash FAIL

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So Brian and I went to the Farmer's Market this past Saturday and came home with rosemary and basil to plant in our garden and tiny black plums and patty pan squash! The plums we've just been eating, but I saved the squash for dinner tonight.

For my 32nd birthday (years ago! Yep - this year is 35!!!) Brian took me to the Green Street Cafe for dinner, and I head a heavenly fresh patty pan squash risotto. I dream of it still. So I pounced on these when I saw them at the market.

Ya'll, I ruined them. I was so tired (my baby WILL NOT SLEEP DEAR GOD WHY) and so hungry (as is my wont at dinner time) that I put too much butter in the pan. I tried to rectify this by fishing some out, but it was too late. Then I added too little onion (weird! I mean, too little???) and then the squash turned out to be weirdly diverse - some were perfectly ripe and some were, well, squashy, in a bad way. I mean, like spongy. Ick.

I made a cheese omelet to go with them and it should have been awesome - sauteed fresh squash and onion with fresh basil and a cheese omelet, right? Well, it sucked. The eggs were good, but my squash had taken up the butter and olive oil (I added a tiny bit for flavor) and some of them were clearly past their prime. Happily, Brian got the fresh ones and happily devoured his. When he saw my pile of uneaten squash, he tried it - and was horrified. They were weirdly mushy and bitter and soggy with fat. Booooooo!!!!

Next time, just make the eggs! Sulk.

PS - somehow I think it's very fun to use this blog as my Failed Food Confessional. Hopefully this won't put you off my recipes!


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