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You heard me. Pie.

Ladies, we are entering prime pie season and I am faithfully attempting to put every seasonal fruit into pie form. Last weekend, I made the classic Mixed Berry that I like (blueberries, raspberries and a few blackberries). We liked the dish! But this week, the blackberries have come in!

Last night I made a blackberry pie (with a few raspberries). It is insane. I will be posting the recipe in my kitchen asap!

As a note, making pie crust actually isn't that hard (really! if you have a food processor, it's ridic!) but I must own that Pillsbury's ready-made crusts are fine! Get the package with two crusts and you can whip out a double-crust pie, uh, quick as a cat can wink its eye. If the crust is the only barrier to you having homemade pie, get the dough boy crust! Do it.

Anyone executed a pie yet this season?

Oh - and if I can find some green tomatoes, I really want to try the classic American pioneer combo of apples and green tomatoes - I hear it's delish.

And - has anyone ever made a chocolate crust? I don't mean like cookie-crumb crust but choc flavored pie dough. Just curious. I have Ideas.


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