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If you want to post your recent, cooking-related Twitter updates to your Ladies Recipes kitchen or cooking journal, follow these steps or ask me for help. (Note: You can only do this if your Twitter feed is public.)

  1. Login to Twitter and visit the Twitter widgets page:
  2. Choose widgets for "My Website."
  3. You can choose "Profile Widget," but this will display all of your status updates. If you want to only display selected updates (i.e., cooking related), choose "Faves Widget." This will display only those updates that you have starred (to star an update, hover over the right-side of the update and you will see a faint star you can click.) Either one you choose, the following steps are the same.
  4. Customize the widget according to your preferences.
  5. When you're through, click "Finish and Grab Code." A hunk of scary-looking HTML code will be generated. Select all and copy.
  6. Back in Ladies Recipes, edit the page where you want the code to appear.
  7. Paste the Twitter code between Wikidot HTML tags, like this:
Paste Twitter HTML here.

Remember, your Twitter feed must be set to public for this to work.


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