Roasted red peppers

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Paula JeannePaula Jeanne

I was at the Stop and Shop this week and a women and her man were buying a cart full of red peppers. Being the season for red peppers you can find them on sale for 99 cents a pound. She told me they roast them, jar them and cover them with olive oil. Great idea for sandwiches, omelettes, bruschetta or anything your heart desires. They are the only kind of peppers I grow. I had to bring them in early because of our crazy cold weather this month. They were green but soon turned red in the windowsill. They say that one red pepper contains the vitamins of three oranges. Bob hates when I say " They say" who is they ???
Stacy's grandfather, my Dad, fries a pan full of cut up green peppers in olive oil every week. He uses plenty of salt and pepper. He puts them in omelettes, to add moisture to sandwiches and topping for pizza.


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