The Bisquick Experiment

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You all recall the pancake disaster(s) I blogged about earlier and, as promised, I'm posting about a second attempt I made this morning. I got a box of Bisquick and deployed it.

It was interesting.

First off, the batter was much thinner than the stuff I make. And it behaved perfectly. The little cakes spread out evenly and their edges firmed up and crisped. It was easy to tell when to flip them so the final cakes were nicely browned, crisp at the edges and soft in the centers. Hooray!

But they tasted pretty yuck. The flavor is exactly that of a box. The baby had no interest in them, even with syrup. Brian ate them, but then wanted to know when we'd be having homemade waffles again!

Here are the lessons, I think:
1. thin the batter until it runs very easily. I'll add extra buttermilk or even some water to the recipe we have that tastes delicious but is apparently WAY too thick.
2. Keep the pan on medium/med-low. I had my pan way too hot!
3. less batter - as the Bisquick box taught me, the cakes only need a bit less than 1/4 cup when poured.

The next installment will be another attempt with homemade batter!


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