The Bon Appetit Fast Easy Fresh Cookbook

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First I must say the the Original Bon Appetit Cookbook is a treasure. I once cooked my way through the Soup chapter and almost every single one was fabulous.

No such happy experience here. And "fast" is loosely interpreted indeed.

Almost every single recipe I've tried from this book was bland or one-dimensional. It's one thing to tinker with a recipe as you go - but when each recipe needs multiple additional herbs, spices or basic ingredients to make them more than a big dish 'o "food stuffs," well, you might as well just free-style and skip paying money for a cooking guide. It's just not fun. And it's discouraging when your food just ain't tasty. A waste of good ingredients!

Also, their notion of "fast" is a bit puzzling. Some dishes are genuinely quick - quick prep, quick execution, food. That's what I call fast. But many of them have an easy prep - and then such dread instructions as, "marinate overnight," "let stand for an hour," "freeze after mixing." Not cool. Not fast. At least, not in a cookbook claiming the food is fast.

Definitely have a look at the original (copper covered) Bon Appetit Cookbook. But leave this one on the shelf.


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