The "Gimbot" revealed!

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As you know, Amanda makes a delicious vegetarian stew she learned from her mother, who called it "gimbot." Amanda knew this must be a corruption of an Italian word or dish, but had no idea what that would be.

Well, last night I was looking through my new copy of Gourmet Today, so far a very good cookbook. And in the Vegetarian Meals section was a dish called "Ciambotta!" And it was almost the SAME as Amanda's dish!

It has a few ingredients that her mother didn't include, mostly vegetables like eggplant and green beans, and the sauce may have a few additions. But that's the history!

I've since discovered that you can also find recipes under "giambotta" so Google it if you're interested in the zillions of variations the web has to offer.

Amanda suggested I post this moment of culinary historical research; I have to say that this was a really surprising and fun discovery!

So who's going to make this their diss topic???


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