The Man Who Ate Everything

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The Man Who Ate Everything
Jeffrey Steingarten

This is a really fun book. I have been reading a chapter before going to bed. This has led to some mixed results. For instance, the morning after I read the chapter "Salt," I made the saltiest breakfast potatoes of my life. And you know about me and salt!

Steingarten believes that any limitation on food intake, be they cultural, habitual, or ideological, is a grave sin; the health care establishment's 'war' on delicious food offers only marginal health benefits; and, of course, food is the most fascinating, endlessly enjoyable, provoking topic. His book is witty and light-hearted. I think you ladies will approve!

Some of his memorable chapters include:

"Salad the Silent Killer"
How eating raw vegetables is hazardous to your health—maybe even fatal! Many references to "the miracle of cooking."

Why the outcry over salt is overrated. It's what I want to hear, so I believe it!

"Pies from Paradise"
The author's uber-scientific foray into the art of making the perfect crust—and his terrible failure.


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