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What up ya'll! I haven't been very diligent lately, I'm afraid. But I have been instructed by Stacy that I need to immediately post the recipe for the bean salad that I made last night for her surprise party. Here it is:

I followed the recipe to a T, but added in some extra "EVOO" for good measure. When I make it again I'll throw more arugula in; I used about 1/2 of those giant containers of baby arugula that you can buy at Big Y (or perhaps Publix? Is that what they have in the south? The Piggly Wiggly?)

What is KEY to this salad is letting it sit out for an hour and tossing it, just as he instructs. The greens get all wilty and the beans infuse with the balsamic and basil. YUM!

As for the party, it was apparently a success. The food lived up to Stacy's standards! I was happy to do it and had a lot of fun planning the menu and working in secret union with "D" on what we have now fondly dubbed "project x". This is what I made: Amanda's Meatballs, eggplant caponata, and a baked leek, shitake, asparagus frittata (Thanks Claire for the suggestion!). This is what I bought: various fruits, crackers, bread, salami, olives, marcona almonds (another Claire-ism), and of course THE CHEESES of DOOM and DESTRUCTION (or the Holy Trinity, if you're feeling particularly Catholic): Brie, Goat Gouda, St. Agur. Also, in a last minute moment of panic that there "wouldn't be enough food", I picked up one of those deluxe organic pizzas from Bread Euphoria: remember those, Claire? Again, you were the inspiration here! It had roasted fingerling potatoes, Asiago and Parmesan cheese, caramelized onions, and various herbs. BTW: people loved it! The whole pizza was gone by the end. I also picked up the cake that D had ordered from Euphoria. By "cake" I mean hunk of chocolate sin and delight. What is with my Catholicism this morning?

Dare I add that I made a gigantic pitcher of Peach white sangria? . I basically followed the recipe here too, except I cut back a bit on the brandy and the sugar and I added blackberries instead of grapes. The guests downed nearly the whole thing before Stacy's arrival!

But, I have to say that the most raving was performed over the bean salad! Which, as is so often the case, was the easiest thing to prepare with the simplest ingredient list! So, make it! Enjoy, ladies!


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