Updating the Chocolate Chip Cookie

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This is not heresy! I have posted my current recipe for the Chocolate Chip Cookie in my Kitchen since I seek only to bring new horizons to other devotees of the art. I thought I'd mention it here since it's worth your time to look at the Times article that really got me to codify the thing. I got this down to a science in the last weeks of my pregnancy and want to share the wealth.

I feel like the new recipe I have reflects how much my tastes have changed as an adult: bittersweet chocolate, organic sugar, two kinds of flour (both unbleached!) and so forth. The resulting cookie is much more complex, darker in flavor than the original. My mom brought us some original recipe cookies a few months ago and I found them wanting! (But then again, her baking is a haphazard thing!)

Does anyone else do variations on this cookie? Suggestions? Comments? Imprecations? Threats? Paeans?


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