Wanted: Winter Squash Recipes

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We are poor. But winter squash are cheap! So I have determined to work our way through all of the varieties I've found at the market: turban, butternut, acorn, delicata, etc.

So I am soliciting any and all winter squash recipes you love! Any of the hard squashes are great and any recipe no matter how basic. I've done a bunch with butternut and some with spaghetti squash but the rest are all new to me. The basic roasting I have down, but need ideas for flavoring and so forth. Methods! Flavors! Whatever! Please post em to your kitchens and link them here. Thanks very much!

I will shortly weigh in with general favorites - my in-laws just left yesterday and we are all awash in missing them. And also doing laundry, etc, and catching up on the rest of life.


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