When the baby's in bed, Pour a big glass of red

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Cooking is very different with a baby in the house! I didn't cook a thing for the first three weeks after Isaac came. Instead, all kinds of folk brought wonderful things - lots of comfort food, and I was intensely grateful.

Now I'm totally on my feet and in the kitchen, but my time is limited on weekdays so I make much more simple things. Last night, I made a giant batch of "sauce" (as Stacy would say), for which I needed a splash of red wine.

Reader, I went out and got that bitch of a bottle, used about 2 ounces to cook with and drank the rest. I've hardly had anything to drink since Isaac joined us, but the EARLY TEETHING has driven me to drink! It was mighty nice to cook a good meal while my husband played with the baby, and then to eat the meal while the baby watched on in bemused horror and then to have a second glass of wine while my husband put the baby to bed. Word.

FYI: we start Isaac on solid food in two months, so stay tuned for what are sure to be hilarious adventures as I make baby food. (Frankly, it's called roast that sweet potatoes and mash that avocado. The end.)


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