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Engagement Dinner

28 Mar 2010 12:42

We celebrated K's engagement last night by taking her out in style to a cozy but hip restaurant none of us had been to before, but which came highly recommended. After enjoying caipirinhas at the bar, we were settled in to a festive corner table with candles and flowers.

Choosing what to get proved to be the most strenuous part of the evening. The menu offered many inspirational food combinations that I can only expect will be tested out in some of our kitchens soon… My own Indian-inspired plate tasted much better than it looked and was very satisfyingly composed of the sought-after "various things." Everything was fresh and made from scratch. I could see myself pulling together some variation of A's fried polenta dish, and I'm sure A is already plotting how to assemble her warm spinach salad. I'm looking forward to sharing any recipes derived from our latest adventure!

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Posting Cooking-Related Twitter Updates to LR

21 Mar 2010 15:56

If you want to post your recent, cooking-related Twitter updates to your Ladies Recipes kitchen or cooking journal, follow these steps or ask me for help. (Note: You can only do this if your Twitter feed is public.)

  1. Login to Twitter and visit the Twitter widgets page:
  2. Choose widgets for "My Website."
  3. You can choose "Profile Widget," but this will display all of your status updates. If you want to only display selected updates (i.e., cooking related), choose "Faves Widget." This will display only those updates that you have starred (to star an update, hover over the right-side of the update and you will see a faint star you can click.) Either one you choose, the following steps are the same.
  4. Customize the widget according to your preferences.
  5. When you're through, click "Finish and Grab Code." A hunk of scary-looking HTML code will be generated. Select all and copy.
  6. Back in Ladies Recipes, edit the page where you want the code to appear.
  7. Paste the Twitter code between Wikidot HTML tags, like this:
Paste Twitter HTML here.

Remember, your Twitter feed must be set to public for this to work.

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Indian Night

13 Mar 2010 14:18

Amanda very graciously invited some of the ladies over for the second installment of Indian Night. If possible, this iteration was even better than the last. We were greeted by a lovely table spread when we arrived, complete with flowers, candles, and pretty table linens. Not to mention the sumptuous feast quietly simmering on the stove! Thanks to Kajsa, we go to enjoy pomegranate martinis before the meal.


On the menu:

Palak Paneer
Baigan Bharta
Aloo Gobi
Punjabi Chole

We also had naan "crackers" to go with various chutneys. It was quite a meal! You can find some of Amanda's recipes in her kitchen on the Web Favorites tab. Thanks so much for hosting us, Amanda.

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San Marzanos

12 Mar 2010 13:39

San Marzano Tomatoes:

What are they? A breed of heirloom plum tomato originally grown in the volcanic rich soil near Mt. Vesuvius, celebrated for their thin skin, sweet flesh, and low acidity. They are generally recognized as the best sauce tomato by top chefs. See the wikipedia article. Though San Marzanos are now grown in other places outside of Italy, the Italian varieties are the best (designated by the certified EU "DOP" label).

Why buy? They're more expensive than regular canned tomatoes. This seems like more than enough reason to refuse! But there are several reasons why you should go and get them RIGHT NOW to use in your next tomato based creation.

1) The taste: I've tried every tomato brand out there, and San Marzanos are by far the most flavorful, delicate, and non-metallic canned type available. The texture is smooth, silky, never grainy. They are slightly sweet, but never overpoweringly so. If you don't believe me, see the taste test from Food & Wine.

2) Ethics: Well, we all know the horrors of tomato farming in the U.S. If not, take a look at this. When you buy ethically grown tomatoes imported from Italy, you're casting your vote against slave labor and GMOs.

3) The taste! They're so good!

So, now I've convinced you, right?

Where can I find them? Most grocery stores carry at least one brand of San Marzanos. I usually use Centi, (see the link to San Marzano Tomatoes at the beginning of this post), as that's the one most readily available. Specialty stores and Whole Foods carry more brands, which are probably better (and slightly more expensive), but I've been happy with Centi. Remember, the can should specify "DOP" to confirm it's a true imported tomato.

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Changing Your Screenname

11 Mar 2010 22:29

Have you ever wanted to change your Wikidot screenname, either for reasons of privacy or because you can no longer remember what prompted you to pick such a silly name? You can! To do this, go to My Account > Account Summary > My Profile > Change My Screenname. You can change it up to 2 times. My understanding is that the change will be applied to all your previous posts. Just an FYI.

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Thanks Stacita

11 Mar 2010 19:57
Paula JeannePaula Jeanne

Beautiful job. Now go cook yourself a well deserved celebration dinner !!!!

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Viva Italia

09 Mar 2010 00:43

So, I've decided (perhaps foolishly) that next week in Rome I'm going to keep a photo-food journal, documenting all of the meals we eat. This, if it goes well, will end up here on the site. My main quest: to discover the best Bucatini all'Amatriciana. Wish me luck.

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Pancakes: Part 27

07 Mar 2010 19:23

Warning: this contains some un-womanly complaining.

Because why God why teething why.

A very rough night last night for poor Mr Baby. We were all up from 3:30 to about 5am and then Brian gave up and slept on the couch and I spent the next two hours dozing next to a restless baby who whapped me in the face periodically. And guess whose turn it was to get up and let the other sleep in this morning.

So I wanted a decent breakfast to get my morning back on track! I put my son in his chair and shoveled blueberries into him (his current obsession) while I looked at the box of Bisquick again.

There are a few variations they suggest, so I thought I'd try the "melt-n-your-mouth" version since it added more baking powder and lemon juice. And a tbs of sugar. Success! They don't taste appreciably sweeter, which is fine with me, but the extra baking soda does wonders. They were incredibly light and, since I cooked them in butter per Stacy's suggestion, they were buttery and crisp. Wow. They needed hardly any embellishment, but I put some jam on them for the baby, who still has mixed feelings about "crisp" bread, and found that this was even better than syrup on such a light cake.

The boxed flavor, while still present, was less pronounced. Next time, I will keep the baking soda, etc., and add a little vanilla. And maybe use buttermilk instead of regular milk!

I feel like I've come a long way, ladies!

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Organize Your Favorite Recipes

07 Mar 2010 00:09

Here's a new way to create a list of your favorite recipes. Tag recipes you love with an underscore+your name (i.e., "_stacy"). Then add this code to your kitchen, replacing "_stacy" with your name's tag:

[[module ListPages separate="no" order="title" category="*" tags="_stacy"]]

That's it! The list automatically updates itself whenever you tag a recipe with your name. A quick and easy way to keep track of what you most like. See the Favorites tab at my kitchen for an example. (If you want help, just let me know where you want the code. Paula and Kajsa, I already added these to your Kitchens).

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More Julienne

06 Mar 2010 03:35

Today while I was poking around on the Internet, I watched a video from Korean cook Maangchi on how to make bibimbap. I was awestruck when I saw her julienne the carrots for the dish.

She had a carrot done in under a minute. Instead of the way I'm used to seeing, she sliced it thinly on the diagonal and then just hacked at it. I tried this myself immediately after and I had 4 carrots done in well under 10 minutes, a considerable improvement! Of course, my knife skills pale in comparison…

The entire video is worth a viewing, but the carrot moment takes place at the 6 minute mark.

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