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So. I was to make the cranberry relish and sauces this year for Thanksgiving and the pumpkin pie and I was going to make the tried and true Joy of Cooking pie. But my fav cooking site Food52 posted an amazing version wherein you dump the pumpkin into a hot pot and caramelize it before baking. It was amazing.

The non-pumpkin pie fanatics were converted and the fanatics were in hog heaven. I will post it in my Kitchen when I can!

I also have a pumkin ginger molasses bread on deck as well. My sister-in-law is coming into town this weekend so maybe my on and I will make a loaf for snacks!

The Genius Pumpkin Pie by ClaireMereClaireMere, 05 Dec 2011 02:49

Woman! Women! Ladies! I am returning to the Ladies Recipes!

I now belong to a great organic vegetable co-op that has been giving us lots of winter squashes and ths week it is carnival squash. Neat. But I have never cooked them. I would love to use this recipe. But it mocks me with the delicious forbidden dairyness. I think I could sautée the sage in olive oil and scatter with toasted bread crumbs? But I am not into the sweet squash thing so this will be the inspiration!

Or should I roast them and stuff them with a warm lentil salad? Decisions!

by ClaireMereClaireMere, 05 Dec 2011 02:43

So glad it went well. Isn't it scarily easy? After I made it that first time, I never bought another container of ricotta again. I just whip up whatever I need for what I'm making, often just a cup or two of milk and some cream. It's ready in 15 minutes start to finish (including draining). I love the simplicity of it!

Good news! by stacitastacita, 16 Jul 2011 02:17

The ricotta was easy and it tasted so good! Next time, I will definitely grill the eggplant. I don't even want to think about how much olive oil I ate! I took some liberties with the recipe since we (or more so nate) had trouble slicing the eggplant. So one side was layered and the other had the rolls. I also included a 6 cheese blend on top just so the folks here would eat it, but I don't think Mario would think that was an insult (more cheese the better). We ate it over some veggie fettuccine with some french bread. I'm definitely making that ricotta again! Everyone loved the dish!

Turned out Great! by foodiegurlfoodiegurl, 16 Jul 2011 01:15

I'm excited to hear how it turns out! Making ricotta is surprisingly easy. I love adding lemon instead of vinegar as the ricotta has a slightly sweet, lemony, fresh taste.

With regards to the eggplant, don't forget to slice the eggplant thinly, fry. it., and bake well. In the cookbook version of the recipe, Mario advises that it's better to overcook it by 5 minutes than undercook it by 1, and that's the truth.

Although I have to tell you that I recently made a variation of this recipe from Mario's Italian Grill cookbook and it was even more delicious. Instead of frying and baking the eggplant, you just grill it. And instead of stuffing it with ricotta, you stuff it with a blend of goat cheese and pesto. It might have been insane. I might have gone insane.

Fun! by stacitastacita, 15 Jul 2011 10:11

For our Friday night adventure, Nate and I will attempt both of these dishes. He has an eggplant that he has been dying to cook. He thought about eggplant gyros, but I convinced him to try this!

I'm a Copycat by foodiegurlfoodiegurl, 15 Jul 2011 02:41

Yes! Let us know how it goes! ;)

mmm by stacitastacita, 14 Jul 2011 16:50

I'm making all of these over the next 4 weeks and will post updates. Now that I'm married…ahem…I actually feel like cooking!

by foodiegurlfoodiegurl, 14 Jul 2011 14:47

Mario, take me back! I didn't say so here, but this dish, of which I ate constantly over the next few days, grew on me more and more. I just made it again, but did not use Mario's portions. This caused regret. Embrace the vinegar and caraway seeds!

Mario, I was wrong! by stacitastacita, 06 Mar 2011 01:06

It's funny how this keeps popping up! I think the potato/tomato combination is really what holds all of these together, and the veggies seem to vary.

Funny by stacitastacita, 05 Mar 2011 01:42

I made Giombotta tonight for the first time. I was going through some old torn out recipes from newspapers. I thought it was so good I would post it. It has been a long time since I have posted on this site. Needless to say I was BLOWN AWAY when I saw what the last blog was about !!!! This is a very simple recipe and different from any other Giombotta recipes I see here.

Ok, so I searched the Sopranos cookbook on Amazon and found something hilarious in a guide on "Italian-American Food Speak." Giambotta is defined as a vegetable stew, also spelled "ciambotta" or pronounced giambott' (!!). It is slang for a "big mix-up" or a "mess."

When I showed this definition to my mother, she replied, "That's what Grandma said! She said the name couldn't be right. In Italian it meant a pile of crap."


Amanda: you'll be interested to know that in this same guide your beloved pasta fagoli is listed as fazool.

I'm pretty sure I'm ordering the Sopranos Cookbook soon.

Further hilariousness by stacitastacita, 16 Feb 2011 11:54

According to this blogger, the recipe is also in the Soprano's cookbook, which is in itself hilarious.

Sopranos Family Cookbook

Sopranos Cookbook by stacitastacita, 16 Feb 2011 11:14

This is truly beastly. I know certain people who will be forever beholden to me should I create this.

I am aghast! by stacitastacita, 15 Feb 2011 11:27

I have long had it in mind to make this, as I love red lentils. In the end, I ended up making the base ala Stacy, with cumin and tomatoes, as I could not conceive of a reason why you would not add tomatoes and cumin to such a soup! But then I added the feta, almonds, and black olives, to yummy effect!

by stacitastacita, 05 Dec 2010 00:54

Sorry, I do not have any suggestions. As I am sure you always do, google it. Before I buy anything these days I google "Best Indian Recipe Book" and then spend time reading everyone else's comments. Hopefully other Ladies Recipes Members will be able to help you out.
I hear possible Santa gift?

Google by Paula JeannePaula Jeanne, 09 Nov 2010 11:49

Tried making my marinara sauce for the second time, just to make sure, with Centi San Marzanos tomatoes. My Stop and Shop carries it. Hands down the best ever. I couldn't stop tasting it during the cooking process. Worth the extra money. Thanks AmandaCarr I am now a true member of the club.

I just came across the recipe Claire mentioned while looking for an Italian recipe with eggplant. It's online here:

by stacitastacita, 15 Aug 2010 12:37

If you are not a pie person yet it will tempt you. The lemon zest pushes the lemon to the fore and the vanilla in the cream cheese adds an unexpected note in a pie. I highly recommend it.

by ClaireMereClaireMere, 17 May 2010 15:01

I love lemon and berries together. Such a delicious combo. I'm not normally tempted by pies, but this seems difficult to resist…

Lemon! by stacitastacita, 17 May 2010 14:12
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