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This morning I made pancakes, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, and soon dubu. I had started out just wanting to prepare something for lunch later (the soon dubu, which I had recently run out of), but one thing led to another…

Today the weather, which has been slowly improving, turned back to October. The sky has been dark grey all morning and the wind howling. I had originally planned to leave and do some chores, but I got sucked into the atmosphere and somehow ended up cooking up a variety of international comfort foods while listening to Celtic music and burning candles. (I am laughing at myself.)

The soon dubu turned out ok, but I had several hiccups. One of the chores on the agenda today was food shopping. Therefore, my ingredients for the soon dubu turned out to be either brown, slimy, moldy, or all of the above. I turned down the temperature dial in the fridge, for clearly the refrigerator gnome had struck again. As a result of all this, I could only use dried shiitake mushrooms, leaving out the much beloved oyster. I also had no green onion. I comforted myself that not every meal could be up to one's standards; still, in spite of this, the soup was delicious to eat. I did confirm that I much prefer pureeing the onion, hot peppers, etc. into a paste rather than just chopping them up. I think this creates a richer broth.

While the soon dubu was stewing, I set upon the roasted potatoes, dicing and parboiling 3 Yukon golds with skins intact before mixing with extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, and thyme and roasting in the oven for 30 minutes at 425. The salt melted into the potatoes, which themselves turned into the expected pillows. And there is no sweeter smell than thyme in the oven!

I used a pancake mix for the pancakes, so almost no labor was required there, and quickly scrambled a few eggs. Two meals made at once with plenty leftover, all done in an hour. A very pleasant morning's work!

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