Bibimbap with Cucumber

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I'm a very predictable eater. Once I settle on a staple, I'm capably of eating it almost daily for months. In the case of spaghetti with sauce or rice and beans, make that years. So it is with bibimbap. Like spaghetti and rice and beans, bibimbap is completely satisfying. After enjoying yet another delicious meal of it, I feel full and a little groggy (carb coma).

Today's version is noteworthy only because I changed a few things. There were no soy bean sprouts at the store today, and I rejected the mung bean sprouts, as I tried those before in a pinch and they weren't to my liking. There is apparently only one supplier of soy bean sprouts in the area, and if they don't deliver, you can't find a soy bean sprout anywhere (I know, I tried). I needed to add a new veggie, so today I chose my beloved cucumbers. I peeled, sliced, seeded, and salted 3 of them, and then after about 30 minutes I used a cheese cloth to squeeze out the water. I added about 1.5 T of the bibim sauce, a dash of sesame oil, 1 T of sugar, a little salt, and 1/2 T of roasted sesame seeds. Yum!

I took the easy way out with the julienned carrots. Because I knew I would be making it today, I bought the pre-cut carrots. The bag looked small, but it made a ton! I have a bunch left over for tomorrow.

I also had leftover scrambled eggs from this morning. I usually cook them sunny side up, but then cheat and quickly cook the bottom too, so essentially I ruin the effect. Since I cook them all the way through anyway, I discovered that scrambled eggs tasted much better! I'll be going that way from now on, I think.

Into the rice bowl I also tossed leftover spinach, stir-fried shiitake mushrooms, and a fresh scallion.

I liked the new mix. The cucumbers made it tangier. As a result, I didn't much miss the sprouts. I ate it UP.

In sum:

  • Rice
  • Bibim sauce
  • Cucumber
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Scrambled egg

Read my full recipe basic-bibimbap here.

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