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I accidentally purchased an ice cream machine. By accidentally, I mean I deliberately but with great haste bought one before I could think too much about it. This has resulted in some decadence.

While I was at it, I purchased a couple of cookbooks to go with it:
The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz
You probably need this book. It covers just about everything one would need to know about making ice cream and has great recipes for Philadelphia ice cream, "French-styled" ice cream, gelato, sorbets, granita, etc.

Making Artisan Gelato by Torrance Kopfer
This cookbook might be useful. I found most of the techniques I was already familiar with from The Perfect Scoop. However, you might get it if you were somehow finished with Lebovitz's recipes.

I have also found Gina DePalma's Dolce Italiano (a more general Italian dessert book) to include some great gelato recipes.

Since purchasing the ice cream machine, I have made:

  • Lemon sorbet (Lebovitz)
  • Raspberry swirl (Lebovitz)
  • Vanilla chocolate chip (Lebovitz)
  • Espresso mocha (Gadget recipe book: grimace!)
  • Dark chocolate & cinnamon gelato (Kopfer)
  • Espresso & cinnamon gelato (DePalma)

After making these, I was given to understand by some of my tasters that I was to "forget about making the regular ice cream" and henceforth "only make gelato." Fair enough, but only making gelato means only using the ice cream machine on the weekends, since gelato involves first cooking the ingredients and allowing them to chill before making the ice cream. American ice cream, while not so wonderful, is ridiculously easy. After a long day of work, you do have the energy to dump some milk, cream, and sugar into the machine and press the On button.

Of all the recipes, DePalma's espresso and cinnamon gelato was the most vile. The recipe only makes a tiny bit, which is for the best. You can actually only eat one scoop. Her milk to cream ratio is 1:1 (similar to Lebovitz), whereas Kopfer's is 2:1, and she uses more egg yolks. If the woman had an entire cookbook devoted to gelato, I would buy it in a hurry!

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