Grilled Scamorza with Olio Piccante

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For dinner tonight, I plan to grill some sliced scamorza cheese and drizzle it with olio piccante (spicy oil) as in Mario's recipe here.

To prepare, this morning I made the olio piccante. I used the recipe from Mario's Italian Grill, which is pretty different from the one in the link above, calling for fewer jalapeños and giving it a refrigeration life of only 1 week. But can spicy oil go bad?

I myself halved the recipe and used a couple of jalapeños from the garden (unfortunately not very spicy-yet?) and serrano peppers. I cooked it only 1-2 minutes once the oil began to simmer as it seems like the hot pepper flakes could burn easily.

When I was finished, I put the mix in a bowl to cool. A bit later, I tested it. At first it just tasted bland and not at all spicy, a great disappointment. I got a little more adventurous in my tasting, which was unfortunate because I nearly choked on my sample. Yikes! Ok, it's spicy.

Once cool, I put the mix in a mason jar and stuck it in the fridge. Looking forward to drizzling it over the scamorza!

The oil turned out to be extremely spicy, but when drizzled over the cheese, was quite manageable. (I didn't put a lot on.)

The scamorza cooked very fast on the grill: prepare for the thing falling between the grates. Use the full length of the scamorza to prevent this. The idea is to cook it fast so it doesn't have a chance to melt, but to catch it before it does melt :)

The scamorza was delicious when combined with the sun-dried tomato, oil, and (as I used) a leaf of fresh oregano.

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