Korean Cold Noodles

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All I've been eating lately is pizza, bbqed veggies, potatoes, and corn, and tabbouleh. I desperately needed some flavor! Some heat! I fantasized all the way home about…cucumbers. I know, cucumbers hardly seem like the solution to my dilemma. But I was thinking about hot, spicy, cold, salty, sweet cucumbers. Korean-styled cucumbers. Just a large large bowl of crispy, crunchy, spicy, salty cucumbers from which all the water had been squeezed. Cucumbers.

So I stopped at the grocery store and picked up three, returned home, and made quick work of them. I was so desperate that I removed the water by smushing them in my hands since I had no cheesecloth left. Because I was so invested in the cucumbers, I hadn't thought much beyond them. What would I eat them with? I decided on cold Korean noodles. (The weather outside was searing hot.) Here is my slightly bastardized version:

  • Boil thin spaghetti until al dente.
  • Rinse with cold water and drain.
  • Add a few globs of Bibim sauce: http://ladiesrecipes.wikidot.com/basic-bibimbap.
  • Add 1 T of toasted sesame seeds, 3 chopped scallions, salt, 1 T sesame oil and mix.
  • Throw the cucumbers on the top.
  • Eat voraciously.

You might also throw in other veggies and egg, like you would for bibimbap. But I only had so much on hand and a massive cucumber craving.

This was very spicy and barely edible. Yet I triumphed and reveled in the glory of it.

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