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Here is the spread: Doenjang Soup, simple green onion frittata, and banchan (Korean side dishes) of spinach, cucumbers, and bean sprouts.
All of these recipes will be revealed in time, but I’ll try to get the basics of my experiments here.

The Doenjang soup involved first sautéing plenty of garlic, onion, and relatively thick half-slices of zucchini, then scooping about 1 Tb of doenjang paste (similar to miso) per cup of water. Because I am not using a meat-based stock or adding any meat, I added some rehydrated, chopped shiitake mushrooms. Salt. Cubed firm tofu. Cook for 30 minutes or so. Done!

For the frittata, I simply added chopped green onion and salt to the scrambled egg mix and cooked as normal.

Spinach: Sauteed in garlic. Then transferred to a large bowl to mix with sesame oil, dash of rice vinegar, salt, green onion, toasted sesame seeds, and a healthy scoop of Korean red pepper paste.

Cucumber banchan: I peeled, seeded, and sliced 2 cucumbers. I salted this and left it to sit while I was preparing the rest of the meal, about 40 minutes. I then squeezed some of the liquid out using cheese cloth. I added the following flavor mix: sesame oil, rice vinegar, salt, sugar, Korean red pepper paste, toasted sesame seeds. I found that adding more rather than less of the red pepper paste is key here. And I kept adding salt and sugar until bliss arrived.

Korean Sprout Salad

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