Mario's Fennel Sauce

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Mario's Fennel Sauce

I had a truly massive fennel bulb so I doubled many of the proportions. I used the standard amount of fennel seed, red onion, and hot pepper. However, I used 3 small carrots, 4 small celery stalks with leaves, 3 cups (1 can) pureed San Marzano tomatoes.

Because I usually use pasta sauce I've already made instead of the can of tomatoes, the result tasted different than I'm used to. I discovered that this songs improved greatly with sugar and salt. I kept adding until the sauce began to sing.

Because Mario serves this with gnocchi that have parsley, and I am not, I added a good deal of chopped parsley to the dish.

Serve with a chunky pasta (cavatelli) and pecorino romano cheese. This is an official staple.

Too spicy for the weaklings :)

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