Mexican Easter

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Dried black beans

Soaked all night and well into the next day. As always, they take forever to cook. Cooked in water with diced onion and some cilantro. Added salt at the end end.

Brown rice

Just say no.

Fresh Tortillas

Too thick and not so wonderful. Wimped out on the lard/Crisco. Used a mix of water and canola oil instead. Doubled the salt called for in the recipe but could still have used more. Kneaded as directed and let the dough sit for ½ hour. Rolled with pin into vaguely circular shapes. Dad cooked on grill in dry iron pan. They did puff up to my happiness. Hotter is better. Cooked on each side for about 40 seconds, depending on how hot the plate was. The result was ok but would have been better if thinner. Definitely too thick to fold properly!

Pickled Red Onion

Used a recipe found in Bon Appetit; Bayless has a similar one in his cookbook but with additional spices. Let marinate out on the counter all day instead of an hour. Thought it worked particularly well with the hot sauce.

Pico de gallo

Chopped Campari tomatoes (a little too watery for this purpose), white onion, cilantro, ¼ green bell pepper, 1 jalapeno (could handle more), and some lime.


Mixed in some of the pico de gallo and called it a day.

Assorted toppings

Cotijia cheese, chopped cilantro

Rick Bayless Chili de Arból hot sauce

This thing is truly killer. Put on only a few drops or repent. I followed the recipe more or less to the letter. Chilis de arból are basically Thai chilis, or the chilis you usually see in Szichuanese reicpes.

Jícama Salad

Was not a hit with the parents. However, they had never experienced anything like it before. I used Rick Bayless's recipe variation of "pico de gallo" style, chopped with an orange, lime juice, salt, and cayenne pepper. I think I might try julienne?

Salty Dog

Had a grapefruit in the fridge, the weather was warm, the kitchen was sweltering, and we were eating Mexican. Salty Dog seemed like an appropriate beverage.

  • Squeezed white grapefruit
  • 5 mint leaves, mashed
  • 3 ice cubes
  • 2 oz gin or vodka

Pour into glass with rim heavily salted.

It was amazing. I think I prefer vodka?

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