Middle Eastern Table Spread

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My mother loves tabbouleh, so I was asked to make this more than once on my week-long trip! She says she could eat it happily everyday for lunch. It's so juicy and refreshing, I can't help but agree.

I needed a few things to go along with it, so the table spread included:
20 Minute Tabbouleh
Wicked Quick Hummus
Quick Chickpea Salad
Crumbled feta cheese
Tortilla chips (for the wheat sensitive, surprisingly tasty compliment)

Sadly, I didn't have a food processor, and making the hummus in a blender is no easy task. I had to do even the modest amount I made in batches, and the result was ill-blended and grainy. What was life like before food processors?? Next time, I'm going to make a tub of it here and then bring the whole thing over.

Besides the hummus and tabbouleh, I felt I needed something a little more. I improvised this chickpea salad based on the ingredients I had on hand. This was terribly easy and my mother loved it more than I could have anticipated. I mean, I thought it was a'ight. I ended up making a 3rd batch of it the day I left to keep her in supply. She'll eat it for lunch this week.

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