Mushroom Risotto with Caprese Salad

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I was powerfully hungry after work yesterday and I had visions of grandeur. Usually I just cook up some pasta when I come home from work, but I felt enterprising. After stopping at the food store, I whipped up a simple caprese salad (the delectable Campari tomatoes had already been purchased at a shockingly low price at Costco). Sadly, (this really is sad) I discovered that my basil had been vilely frozen in the fridge, and I didn't want to use it for the fresh salad. Although I was very disappointed at the loss of this signature ingredient, I correctly surmised that I would still enjoy the tomatoes and mozzarella. I'm glad I didn't give up on it. The tomatoes were extra juicy and formed quite a pool of tomatoey liquid at the bottom of the bowl, which I mercilessly sopped up with some ciabatta.

At the same time as I was making/eating the salad, I made the mushroom risotto. I got the recipe, once again, from Jack Bishop's The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook. It's very simple. The signature addition is porcini mushrooms. Risotto: truly the divine meal of poverty.

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