Nutty Brown Rice Fiasco

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How fast does butter burn? I made the Nutty Brown Rice recipe from Epicurious last week to go along with the warm spinach and feta salad (see below).

Unfortunately, there was a slight mishap. I am very unaccustomed to cooking with butter. In fact, I can probably count on my fingers the number of times I have actually sauteed something in butter (using butter in baking is, of course, a different matter). I stepped away from the gently cooking chopped nuts for a few minutes only to return to disaster; the butter had begun to burn and the nuts had started to blacken. I immediately removed the unburned nuts to a nearby bowl, but as so often happens with burning, the stench was present.

Feeling dismal about the waste, I still used a modest amount of the remnants with apologies. Turned out to be edible, but I'd like another go at this dish (which has potential).

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