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Rejoicing in the delicious feta Amanda brought me from NY, I resolved to make a refreshing lunch of tabbouleh and hummus. Using the food processor (and yes, terribly massacring the tabbouleh ingredients in the process— but hey, when it takes only 10 minutes to get all the ingredients in the bowl, I really can't complain), the longest part of preparing these was adding salt/lemon/garlic etc. in increments as I tested the flavor. I irrationally despise cooking with exact measurements, but in fact it is quicker since you just add the ingredients one time and mix them. So I'm going to try to experiment and come up with some exact measurements for things! Starting…next time.

I ate the tabbouleh straight in a bowl, like the salad that it is. I also did the hummus/tabbouleh/feta stack on toast. Which was delightful. And of course there's plenty left over. Guess I know what I'll be having tomorrow for lunch.

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