Olivada and Goat Cheese Spreads

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I made the olivada and goat cheese spread I made a couple of weeks ago (below, under Split Pea Soup). Since I liked the olivada so much, I went ahead and bought an entire medium-sized container of Kalamata (pitted) olives. I used the smaller half of a lemon. Sadly, the grocery store was out of basil, so I just used the standard fresh thyme instead.

For the goat cheese spread, I mashed up a small pack with a ridiculous amount of honey and lightly mixed, so you could still see streaks of honey. I held off on the walnuts and cranberries for a change. Delightful! Served with a baguette and the eggplant bruschetta I made a few days ago (having finally purchased more olive oil and doctored it up).

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