Orecchiette with Fresh Spring Peas

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When fresh peas were plentiful at the local farm, I bought a bunch and set out to make this delicious orecchiette pasta dish by Jack Bishop. It is sublime.

I suffered greatly in the making of the orecchiette pasta, as I had no idea what I was doing. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on it, but when using what I thought were their techniques myself, I had a hard time distinguishing what I was doing from making cavatelli. When you look at the two pasta shapes, this will seem impossible. And yet…?

Anyway, some kind of small pasta with a cavity was created. I used freshly made ricotta. The combination of the onions and peas was sweet and delicious.

But I have to be honest: it's not in the recipe, but you really do need to throw in some butter.

A couple of weeks later, I went to a highly regarded Italian restaurant that emphasizes simple food and fresh, local ingredients. I saw a version of this on the menu. The pasta was linguine, but other than that, it tasted exactly like mine. With no small degree of vanity, I took this as a mark that both my pasta dish was as lovely as those served in good Italian restaurants, and that this restaurant must be good if it tasted like mine!

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