Pasta with Tomato Sauce

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What with all these meals full of veggies and bereft of pasta and cheese, my body has gone into spasms. I began to crave pasta and sauce. The desperation was intense, but I had run out of sauce and had little space in the fridge.

I decided to make a small amount of quick sauce. Here's the superfast recipe:

  • 2 large cans of pureed tomatoes
  • 1/2 T chopped garlic
  • dash of dried oregano, or whatever fresh herbs you have on hand
  • 1/2 T sugar, or to taste
  • salt and pepper to taste

I quickly sauteed the garlic in olive oil and then dumped in the rest. I brought to a boil, and then simmered for 30 minutes. It tasted absolutely delicious, especially after the long hiatus. I topped with a blend of Pecorino Romano and Parmesan cheeses. The blend is my new thing. I love it.

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