Spaghetti with Green Tomatoes

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I bought a couple of green tomatoes at the farmer's market and needed something to do with them. I came across Mario's Spaghetti with Green Tomatoes, in which you create a sauce from fresh, uncooked green tomatoes and a pesto-like herb mixture.

I don't usually work with green tomatoes, my experience limited to the obligatory fried green tomatoes. While I was cutting mine, I tasted one and found it extremely tart and almost apple-like. I was skeptical that this sauce would work. (Why do I ever doubt Mario?) However, when combined with the herbs, the tomatoes were transformed into a sauce that was mild, fresh, and crisp.

I made this when I was tired and looking for something quick. I had pesto on hand, so I just combined this with the green tomatoes (nearly pureed in a food processor), mint, and parsley. Because of my relative proportions, the result was a little too close to pesto, I thought. The next time I make it, I will try for the proportions set up in the recipe. I thought that the mint in particular added a special note.

Overall, a fast, easy dish that makes great use of mid-summer or late fall green tomatoes. I highly recommend it!

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