Tabbouleh and Hummus - Again

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This has clearly become a Stacy Staple. I have been eating hummus on my breakfast toast for years. Every. Day. If I don't get my fix, I feel very confused and lost. In the past, I have always bought the packaged hummus at the store, but with the purchase of the food processor, I can now make it easily at home. And since it tastes so, so superior to the store versions, and since it lasts forever, I am saving myself a good deal of money and giving myself great pleasure in adding it to my routine. (Side note: I have upgraded to using a full lemon.)

Since I'll be getting the food processor dirty anyway, when I know I'm going to make hummus, I also buy the ingredients for tabbouleh and then make both at once. I make the tabbouleh first since the food processor requires only a quick rinse after. Generally, I have without fail been food processing the parsley, which works great. Chopping an entire head of parsley with a knife will no longer be tolerated. Depending on my mood, I'll then process the tomatoes and red onion or cut those by hand. The lazy way results in decimation, but honestly, it doesn't taste much different. (Main problem: a few too big hunks of onion.) The tomatoes release more water in the processor, but these juices just get sucked up into the bulgar.

The real key to good tabbouleh is this: use a lot of extra virgin olive oil. I mean, really go nuts. Not drizzle, but pour. POUR it. You should feel deep misgivings as you do so. Only then will you know you've added enough.

When eating, I've enjoyed adding hunks of feta cheese to the tabbouleh. I also sometimes make the hummus/tabbouleh/feta stack on top of a piece of toast. Yum.

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