Warm Spinach and Feta Salad

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The warm spinach and feta salad listed on Amanda's favorite recipes is there with good reason. I have made it for the third time in two weeks.

It's incredibly easy, incredibly tasty, and a great way to cram a ton of raw spinach into your diet. Because it's so rich, it easily acts as a main course, meaning you can eat it satisfyingly for a meal or serve it with a simple side of protein or starch. I've served it on its own, with the Nutty Brown Rice, and with a quick stripped-down, cheeseless version of the Israeli couscous with roasted veggies (which is also great without the cheese, I must say).

My method with the spinach salad has been to buy a huge (9oz) bag of baby spinach, a container of crumbled feta, and 2 medium-sized red onions. I then use half the bag of spinach, 1 onion, and half the container of feta to make two servings of the salad (salad as the main event). The next day, I use the remaining ingredients.

After sauteeing the red onion with a dash of sugar and kosher salt for a good 7-10 minutes in a large frying pan, I shut off the heat and stir in the feta, vinegar, and freshly ground pepper. The feta should be soft and beginning to melt but not too runny. I then combine with spinach in a large bowl.

Fast and yummy! I'm far from bored. A definite staple.

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