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About the Cook

I cook my standards, like pasta fagoli, gimbot, various soups, and stir fries probably once or twice a week. The rest of the time I experiment with recipes from epicurious or various cookbooks. Usually, when I go to the store I'm mesmerized by strange and unused ingredients and end up with a cart full of random stuff I can't afford (especially when I'm at whole foods). My favorite activity is hosting people for dinner or cocktails because apparently I love feeding people. I love anything with sauce and deeply desire a vegetable garden so I can grow my own tomatoes and basil (which is impossible in my rooftop apartment).


Vegetarian Mains

Black Bean and Avocado Pizza
Brown Rice Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
Israeli Couscous with Roasted Mixed Veggies and Chevre
Pasta Fagoli
Peanut Noodle Tempeh
Roasted Tomato and Marscapone Late Summer Pasta
Tofu and Veggie stir fry
Vegetarian Baked Ziti

Poultrey/Beef/Pork Mains

The Chicken
Farfalle with Sausage and Cream
Amanda's Meatballs
Stout Beef Stew
Turkey Chili

Fish Mains

Honey Mustard Salmon
Mussels with white wine and tomato broth

Vegetable Sides

Garlicky Kale
Stewed Green Beans

Breakfast and Brunch

Fall Home Fries
Herbs and Eggs


Cannellini Bean Bruschetta
Deluxe Bruschetta
Goat cheese and honey


Jalapeno Caparina
Pina Colada
Pomegranate Sangria
Spicy Apple Cider


Caramelized Apple and Ice Cream Pie
Pumpkin Pie

Fresh Cheese

Fresh Ricotta Cheese

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